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An Enercea Future City Community (FCC) is a self-sustaining, innovation-driven community designed to offer a holistic living and working experience. FCCs are powered by Enercea turbines and cater to the diverse needs of residents and businesses.

Enercea Power harnesses renewable energy sources, such as wind and ocean currents, to generate clean electricity. Our innovative turbines ensure a continuous supply of ultra-low-cost energy, making FCCs highly efficient and sustainable.

Yes, FCCs are highly customizable to suit the specific needs and challenges of different regions. Whether it's extreme weather conditions, infrastructure limitations, or unique business requirements, FCCs can adapt and thrive.

We invite private and public groups, businesses, and governments to collaborate with us in building customized FCCs. Reach out to our team to discuss how an FCC can cater to your specific needs and benefit your community.

Enercea FCCs prioritize sustainability by reducing carbon emissions through the use of clean energy, efficient infrastructure, and sustainable practices. Our goal is to create communities that have a minimal environmental impact.

Enercea Power

Revolutionizing Energy from the Oceans

Throughout history, humans have harnessed various forms of energy to perform work, and electricity has emerged as the most versatile and invaluable source of energy. The ability to generate electricity efficiently has enabled us to power electric motors and electronic circuits, allowing us to meet our ever-expanding needs. The methods for producing electricity are diverse, from capturing wind power to converting solar energy into electrical power. We’ve even employed fossil fuels to heat water, create steam, turn turbines, and generate electricity. And for some, nuclear reactions have been a solution, utilizing heat generated from nuclear reactions to produce steam and turn generators to create electricity. However, these methods have their drawbacks.

While generator-based electricity production is prevalent, it comes with its own set of issues, such as environmental concerns, safety hazards, and intermittency. Nuclear power, though efficient, poses long-term radioactivity issues. Fossil fuels contribute to carbon emissions and climate change. Wind energy, often promoted as a renewable solution, faces challenges during adverse weather conditions, especially when turbines are positioned out at sea. The notion of hauling massive wind turbines back to shore during storms is impractical, and the logistics of disconnecting and reconnecting cables pose considerable challenges.

In essence, wind and solar power, while promising, require secondary systems like battery storage or mechanical storage to address their intermittency, significantly increasing costs and undermining reliability compared to alternatives like nuclear energy. But what if there were a completely novel approach to generating electricity? What if we could tap into a consistently reliable and sustainable energy source, right from our oceans?

Enercea introduces a groundbreaking solution—a unique mechanical turbine capable of efficiently harnessing energy from the relatively slow-moving water of the ocean. With this innovative technology, Enercea turbines can generate enough torque to spin a universally adjustable-speed transmission, maintaining a constant output speed of 1800 rpm to power a generator that feeds electricity back into the grid. The compact 6-meter diameter turbine sits atop a base plate, supported by three piles driven into the shallow sea floor. These piles elevate the base plate several meters above the sea floor, ensuring minimal disruption to marine life.

Protected by a sturdy cage system, the turbine remains impervious to larger marine animals or debris. Moreover, the structure is unappealing to microbial marine life, eliminating any concerns about unwanted growth. The moment the transmission and clutch engage, the turbine seamlessly converts the natural, slow rotation from the ocean’s currents into a powerful generator with a steady 1800 rpm output.

The real beauty of ocean energy lies in its unwavering reliability. Unlike the unpredictable winds above, the ocean’s movement maintains a consistent, dependable speed suitable for Enercea turbines. The vast expanse of water on our planet, perpetually in motion due to Earth’s rotation and orbit around the sun, along with the moon’s gravitational pull, ensures a steady, endless supply of kinetic energy. In fact, the energy contained within our planet’s oceans is estimated to be approximately six trillion times greater than all the energy generated by humanity through all other means combined.

Enercea Power is not just a technological marvel; it’s a game-changer in the world of sustainable energy production. With our innovative approach, we tap into the immense energy potential that lies beneath the ocean’s surface, providing a reliable, clean, and limitless source of power to shape a brighter, more sustainable future.

Creating a vehicle for shared peace and economic prosperity

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